Eco Business and Policy Center - Ghana West Africa
About Switch Africa Green Project

The Switch Africa Green Project seeks to support Ghana, among five other African countries, to attain sustainable development by engaging in transition towards inclusive green economy. The initiative is based on sustainable consumption and production patterns, while generating growth, creating decent jobs and reducing poverty. The project is intended to support private sector led inclusive growth to achieve its objective.

One-Stop Business and Policy Center for the Establishment of Eco-innovative MSMEs and Supporting Policies in the E-waste  (EcoBPC) Sector

The EcoBPC addresses green business development with MSMEs in the waste management sector, i.e. refurbishers, recyclers, their families and surrounding communities. The waste management sector is labour-intense with great employment opportunities. It has a high potential for transition towards a green economy due to its resource impact. The regional focus is on the coastal area of Accra and Tema as key economic areas and Kumasi as hot spot for management of e-waste. In selecting appropriate MSMEs, a clear commitment to eco-entrepreneurship is essential.

EcoBPC will deal with government authorities for a clear and sound regulatory framework and incentive structures, consumers and the public, due to their role in waste disposal and uptaking patterns of SCP, and banks and other sources of financing, interested in financing green MSMEs. Thus, final beneficiaries are over 12,000 employees of targeted waste management MSMEs and (informal) waste processors and their families in the target regions..