Eco Business and Policy Centre - Ghana , West Africa
Project Component 4

Component 4: Green Entrepreneurship Programme Development through the implementation of 3 démonstration projects  in the select areas:

Through this component technical support services will be delivered to e-waste generators and users/recyclers of waste with special focus on SMEs and young entrepreneurs to support them in waste management processes. This will include

(i) Identifying 3 pilot projects to exchange specific types of e-waste, determined through the inventory developed under component 1;

(ii) Matching the producer(s) of e-waste with potential user/recycler and identifying the technology to be used;

(iii) Conducting rapid situational analysis from the perspective of the generator and recycler of waste (especially SMEs and entrepreneurs) to assess the technical feasibility of the project;

(iv) Assisting in the preparation of a technical and financial feasibility study for the project;

(v) Providing the necessary non-financial technical assistance services for the implementation of the project and introducing know-how and innovative methods and techniques for the recycling of waste;

(vi) Linking the user/recycler of waste to existing sources of finance;

(vii) Supporting recyclers in acquiring the necessary certificates that provide their products with a comparative advantage in the local as well as the international market, and linking them up with such markets..