Eco Business and Policy Centre - Ghana , West Africa
Project Component 1

Component 1: Assessment and Inventory: Under this component an inventory of the e-waste generated and  required by potential users and recyclers will be developed. The inventory will cover  120 enterprises located in the  industrial zones in Accra, Tema and Kumasi which enjoys a high industry concentration, with 2500 industrial enterprises, as well as large volume and diversity of industrial wastes. The inventory will be positioned as the database for a "Green Innovative Entrepreneurship hub" for entrepreneurs seeking the opportunity to establish their own innovative businesses in the areas of e-waste  management.

Sub-component 1.1: Data collection and analysis of the e-waste in the identified pilot area:
(i) Collecting, reviewing and analysing data on the manufacturing facilities in the selected pilot area;
(ii) Conducting a survey to map the e-waste generated and the anticipated waste required;
(iii) Validating the survey results through stakeholder round table consultations.

Sub-component 1.2: Developing an inventory and database of the e-waste through
(i) Reviewing Best Practices in e-waste inventory systems, and adapting a system to Ghana
(ii) Designing the structure and developing the content for the inventory, to be hosted within proposed Ghana’s National Cleaner Production Centre, under the project One Stop Business and Policy Center;
(iii) Launching the e-waste inventory in the form of an online database to include the following information: Types, quantities and locations of industrial wastes; Specifications, physical properties and composition of wastes; Potential applications of each type of waste; Techniques and technologies than can be used for waste management;
(iv) Developing a system to manage and update the database, including the introduction of a registration fee for sustainability purposes..