Eco Business and Policy Centre - Ghana , West Africa
Project Component 3

Component 3: Raising awareness and building capacities of stakeholders on the e-waste management  programme:

Under this component capacity building activities will be implemented targeting five key support institutions and stakeholders to enable them to gain the required knowledge and understanding of the e-waste management system and increase their capacity in taking the necessary decisions, and in planning and delivering the appropriate support services for e-waste generators, users, and recyclers.

Sub-component 3:1: Awareness raising activities, including: (i) Organizing workshops and roundtable discussions with the major stakeholders, including governmental authorities, industry, investors, NGOs and research and development institutions to raise their awareness about the initiative undertaken through this project to build an integrated and sustainable e-waste exchange system in Ghana; (ii) Developing and launching a website to inform the public about the benefits of approriate e-waste management programme.

Subcomponent 3.2: Capacity building of stakeholders, including: (i) Provision of technical training, coaching and mentoring activities towards enhancing the capacities of competent stakeholders, key support institutions and industry representatives, and promoting the exchange of experiences in the various steps of the implementation of the e-waste management system; (ii) Exploring and developing models of green entrepreneurship programmes for SMEs in the area of e-waste management system, and facilitating linkages with financial and non-financial service providers
(iii) developing a guide book for MSMEs on the management of e-waste.